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I was born in Brighton on the Sussex coast. When I was 18 I ran away to join the circus but they wouldn't have me, and I ended up working in the book trade for many years. Later, my studies at London College of Printing included photography and that's when I bought my first camera, a Praktica MTL3. At home in my basement flat, I would develop and print my own black and white film, using a bin liner to block out the light from the door. I can still remember how excited I was by this process. I've mostly gone digital these days but not exclusively.

After a break of many years, and having taken voluntary redundancy from my job, I rediscovered my love of photography. Now I'm making up for lost time!

I am Assistant Editor of fLIP magazine and a committee member of London Independent Photography.

In June 2017 I was featured as part of On the Edge of the Sidewalk, a series by Siri Thompson in which street photographers talk about their non-street work. I was interviewed by Didi S Gilson in 2016 for the Street & Repeat group on Flickr
- and Tiffany Jones interviewed me for London Independent Photography in 2008.

Currently on
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2017 - to 3rd September - Waterlow Park, Highgate
Coming soon
TAG - June 6 to 16th - St Mary's Church, St Mary's Rd, Ealing
Thirteen - 4 to 27th October - Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate
Solo exhibitions
West End Boys and West End Girls - June 2010 - Lauderdale House, Highgate
Group exhibitions
London's Waterways - June/July 30th 2017 - Dominion Centre, Southall
Thirteen - Croatian Embassy, London - May-July 13th 2017
Thirteen - Croatian Embassy, London - May-Sept 2016
Artisan Coffee House, Ealing - with Ealing LIP Group - January/February 2016
London Independent Photography Annual Show 2015 - Embassy Tea Gallery, London
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2015 - Waterlow Park, Highgate
Louisville Biennale - Revelry Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky, USA - September 2015
Thirteen - Croatian Embassy, London - June 2015
Thirteen - Lauderdale House, Highgate - May 2015
Artisan Coffee House, Ealing - with Ealing LIP Group - January/February 2015
London Independent Photography Annual Show 2014 - Embassy Tea Gallery, London
Memories - St Mary's Church, Ealing - September 2014
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2014 - Waterlow Park, Highgate
Ealing Central Library - June/July 2014
Ealing Open 2014 - PM Gallery, Ealing - May/June 2014
London Independent Photography Annual Show 2013 - Strand Gallery, London
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2013 - Waterlow Park, Highgate
Small Adventures - May/June 2013 - PM Gallery, Ealing, London
London Independent Photography Annual Show 2012 - Strand Gallery, London
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2012 - Waterlow Park, Highgate
Perception - May/June 2012 - Dominion Arts Centre, Southall
Ealing Open 2012 - PM Gallery, Ealing
Shoreditch Lip Annual Show - November 2010 - The Red Lion, Hoxton
Convergent Diversity - September/October 2010 - Orleans House, Twickenham
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2010 - Waterlow Park, Highgate
Lives - June/July 2010 - Dominion Arts Centre, Southall
Ealing Open - 2010 - PM Gallery, Ealing, London
Paint it White - August/Sept 2009 - The Red Lion, Hoxton
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2009 - Waterlow Park, Highgate
Dr Karanka's Print Stravaganza - Ongoing, from May 2008 - Cardiff, Bologna, Kuala Lumpar, Singapore, Tokyo and more...
London Independent Photography Annual Show 2008 - Cottons Atrium, London
On Your Doorstep - August/October 2008 - Gunnersbury Park Museum
Lauderdale House Annual Show 2008 - Waterlow Park, Highgate
London Independent Photography Annual Show 2007 - Cottons Atrium, London
How We Are Now - April 2007 - PM Gallery, Ealing, London

Books of my work
West End Girls and West End Boys - June 2013
Lost in America - April 2013

Other publications
fLip Magazine - Winter 2015 - My Secret Kodachrome Life
fLip Magazine - Summer 2014
LIP 24th Annual Exhibition Catalogue - October 2012
fLip Magazine - Summer 2012
fLip Magazine - Autumn 2011
Aubade Issue 7 - December 2011.
Venus Street: Colour Candids - October 2011
Aubade Issue 6 - October 2011 - A Modernist Utopia at Silver End.
Aubade Issue 3 - April 2011
Aubade Issue 2 - March 2011 - Paradise-on-sea.
fLip Magazine - Spring 2010 - tearsheet
fLip Magazine- Spring 2009 - The Salton Sea
LIP 20th Annual Exhibition Catalogue - October 2008
An online feature about Beachlands Estate.

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